Healthcare information systems are widely recognized as technology enablers, improving patient care coordination, enhancing provider productivity, as well facilitating knowledge management activities. While a multitude of stand-alone administrative and clinical management systems exist, their true value is realized when they become an integrated electronic health record solution that can address information requirements across multiple functions and sites.

Lockheed Martin Canada is leveraging its experience as a premier systems integrator to manage and deliver large-scale electronic health record solutions for the Canadian healthcare sector. Our heritage in the aerospace and military markets contributes to our ability to integrate a number of complex and disparate health information systems and deploy them as a single seamless solution within a highly secure environment.

The application of Lockheed Martin Canada's "mission critical" project management and risk mitigation processes to the design, development and implementation of integrated electronic health record solutions underscore the value that the Canadian healthcare sector places on patient safety.

Lockheed Martin Canada's business approach is to combine this expertise with the strengths of best-in-class health information system partners to create an electronic health record solution that best meets the program, technical and budgetary requirements of our customers.

Building on our success to date with leading the Canadian Forces Health Information System (CFHIS) project, Lockheed Martin Canada strives to ensure that our customers are provided with an electronic health record solution that enables them to manage and utilize information in a manner that is more effective and affordable than ever before.

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