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Thank you for the interest that you have shown in Lockheed Martin UK. If you would like further details on any of our current vacancies or potential requirements, please contact our Managed Services provider: Optamor by email, or telephone 02392 415988.

Please note that the majority of the positions posted require HM Government security clearance, please refer to individual job specifications for requirements. In order to apply for a position requiring security clearance the applicant must meet the Defence Business Services National Security Vetting criteria. Details of the criteria can be found on the MOD website.

To apply for any of these vacancies, please complete this application form and email it along with your CV, to

Notes: * When a CV is submitted to Optamor, it is retained exclusively for Lockheed Martin.

Click here to view the latest vacancies within the civil sector of Lockheed Martin UK. This part of our business specialises in information technology solutions for the energy, transport and public services sectors.

Click here to view the current vacancies at SIM Industries B.V.  SIM Industries B.V is a commercial aviation simulation Company located in the Netherlands.


Reference Job Title Location
LMUKA6934 Human Factors Design Engineer Staff Bedford
LMUKA7032 System Integration/Test Engineer Bedford
LMUKA8946 Subcontract Administrator Bedford
LMUKA11015 Business Development Manager - Special Projects Bedford
LMUKA11109 Environmental Engineer Bedford
LMUKA11138 Electrical Design Engineer Bedford
LMUKA11158 Project Accountant Bedford
LMUKA11168 Systems Acceptance Manager Bedford
LMUKA11217 Configuration Analyst Bedford
LMUKA11241 Commercial Officer (9 Month FTC)
LMUKA11271 Configuration Analyst Bedford
LMUKA11291 Systems Engineer Bedford
LMUKA11295 Project Manager Bedford
LMUKA11330 Reliability Engineer Bedford
LMUKA11340 Risk & Opportunity Manager Bedford
LMUKA11367 Quality Manager Bedford
LMUKA11380 Administrative Support Bedford
LMUKA11381 Facilities Engineer Bedford
LMUKA11390 Software Engineer Bedford
LMUKA11408 Function Manager Bedford
LMUKA11427 Manufacturing Planner Bedford
LMUKA11428 CNC Machinist Bedford
LMUKA11469 System Safety Engineer Bedford
LMUKA11475 Subcontract Administrator Bedford
LMUKA11507 Operational Excellence Co-ordinator Bedford
LMUKA11509 Protective Security Team Lead Bedford
LMUKA11510 Reliability Engineer Bedford
LMUKA11516 Administrative Assistant Bedford
LMUKA11543 Computer Support Intern Bedford
EBS11515 Computer Tech Support Analyst Whiteley
EBS11514 Computer Technical Support Analyst Whiteley
LMUK11491 Deputy Head of Government Affairs London
LMUK11485 Communications Assistant to Vice President LMI Communications London
LMUK11430 Head of Communications - Middle East Middle East
ISGS11173 Infrastructure Team Brussels
ISGS11174 Virtualization Engineer Brussels
ISGS11387 Systems Engineer Brussels
LMUK11430 Head of Communications - Middle East Middle East
MST4761 Software Engineer Gloucester
MST4763 Software Engineer Gloucester
MST7044 Software Architect Havant
MST11006 Solution Architect Havant
MST11152 Lead Systems Engineer Havant
MST11153 Maritime Systems Architect Havant
MST11257 Acoustics Systems Engineer Havant
MST11175 Software Development Analyst Havant
MST11177 Systems Engineer – Environmental / Structures and Airworthiness Havant
MST11224 Capture Manager Havant
MST11225 Software Engineer Havant

Business Development Analyst


Business Development Analyst

MST11293 Systems Engineer Gloucester

Systems Engineer

MST11308 Subcontract Programme Manager Havant
MST11322 Contracts Negotiator Havant
MST11360 Software Engineer Gloucester
MST11363 Program Support Manager Warminster
MST11366 Contracts Negotiator Havant
MST11368 Instructional Designer Bristol
MST11385 Software Engineer Gloucester
MST11406 Cyber Software Engineer Gloucester
MST11409 Contracts Negotiator Havant
MST11415 Software Development Analyst - IRAD Warminster
MST11418 Subcontract Programme Manager Farnborough
MST11432 Technical Operations Director Warminster
MST11450 Multi Functional Financial Analyst Gloucester
MST11457 Proposal Analyst Havant
MST11460 Software Test Engineer Gloucester
MST11461 Software Test Engineer Gloucester
MST11513 Operations Manager Havant
MST11520 Systems Architect Havant
MST11527 Engineering Graduate Havant
MST11544 Multi Functionsal HR Representative Havant
SS11009 Engineering Quality Inspector Coulport
SS11097 SWS Field Engineer Clyde
SS11181 Mechanical Maintenance Technician (Support Equipment) Clyde
SS11321 Multi-Skilled Labourer/Driver Clyde
SS11465 TTF Strategic Weapons System Instructor Clyde
SS11467 TTF Maintenance Technician Clyde
SS11472 IT Systems Engineer Clyde
SS11506 Finance & Business Operations Manager Clyde
SS11523 Media Controller Clyde
SS11524 TEST Fire Control Instructor Clyde
SS11526 Mechanical Maintenance Technician Clyde
SS11512 Business Operations Administrator Clyde
SS11549 Missile & Launcher Engineering Compliance Manager Coulport
SS11551 TTF SWS Instructor Clyde
CIV9101 Programme Manager Whiteley
ISGS11144 Information Assurance Manager London
ISGS11259 Engineering Planner London
ISGS11299 Cyber Project Manager Farnborough
ISGS11302 Configuration Analyst Whiteley
ISGS11335 Project Manager London
ISGS11347 Software Engineer Farmborough
ISGS11350 Integration and Test Engineer Farnborough
ISGS11361 Lead Systems Engineer Farnborough
ISGS11395 Network Engineer Farnborough
ISGS11423 Project Manager Whiteley
ISGS11441 Systems Engineer Whiteley
ISGS11442 Systems Engineer Whiteley
ISGS11451 System Integration & Test Engineer Whiteley
ISGS11453 System Integration & Test Engineer Whiteley
ISGS11478 Procurement Representative Whiteley
ISGS11481 Engineering Planner London
ISGS11483 Cyber Intel Analyst Farnborough
ISGS11504 Multi Function Finance Analyst Whiteley
ISGS11525 Cyber Intel Analyst Farnborough
ISGS11492 Subcontract Administrator Farnborough
ISGS11495 Programme Manager London
ISGS11497 Chief Architect London
ISGS11556 Senior Infrastructure Engineer London

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