Vision and Mission

Here at Lockheed Martin UK, our vision is to be recognised as technology leaders throughout the UK and beyond. Building on our considerable presence in Government and military fields, we are using our capabilities in systems integration and prime contractorship to embrace new and exciting commercial and civil opportunities.

One of our major strengths in today's technologically sophisticated global market is our focus on forging sound partnerships and alliances, both in the UK and internationally. For us, alliances with partners around the world is key to conducting business in the global marketplace.


  • A leader in systems integration and high technology products and services
  • Core aerospace and defence markets
  • Select civil and commercial markets
  • Expand UK employment, exports and the technology base
  • Provide excellent financial returns.


  • Customer focused organisation
  • Supplier of choice
  • Conduit for technology cooperation
  • Partner of choice
  • Draw on the core LM competencies
  • Build an indigenous team