How We Manage


We contribute to national, regional, and local programs and non-profit organizations that focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and military and veteran causes. These community outreach activities reflect the caring nature of our employees and are intrinsic to our culture.

We use an online database to track charitable contributions, volunteer hours and matching gift programs. Our Corporate Contributions Committee must approve any grant valued at or above $100,000. At the corporate level, all multi-year grants require annual impact assessments.

Our five business areas implement local engagement efforts to address the unique needs of their communities and employees.

Business Case

Supporting Military and Veterans: The link between our company and military service members and veterans is strong. Many of our products are put into use by U.S. service members and our allies, and 24 percent of our employees are veterans. This connection drives our passion for supporting charities that help service members and veterans and their families.

Supporting STEM Education: The United States must advance the size, quality, and diversity of its future engineering and technical workforce to fuel its economy, bolster national security, and further its global leadership. Few companies are better equipped to support this effort than Lockheed Martin. About half our employees —around 60,000 men and women—are scientists, engineers, and technologists. More than 80 percent of our future talent needs are for technical specialists in disciplines that drive our company’s innovation, including systems engineering, computer science, electrical/mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering.

It is our business interest to dedicate our giving and community outreach efforts to help create a workforce equipped for 21st century challenges and skilled in emerging disciplines such as information technology, cyber security, and advanced manufacturing.

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