Local Impact


We believe that creating a better world starts at the community level. Our employees work to strengthen their communities by giving their time to local civic, cultural, environmental and human services organizations.

In 2012, our activities included the following events and programs:

Changing Children’s Lives
Systems engineer Manny Sanchez started volunteering when he joined Lockheed Martin 40 years ago - and he hasn’t stopped. His tireless mentoring efforts have inspired children to pursue an education focused on science, technology, engineering or math. “My goal is to motivate, enlighten and let [students] know they have a choice, have opportunities, and I encourage them to do their best every day. They respond. Once children know their path, they get it,” he says. Manny works with disadvantaged youth in poor neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Ca., where he also grew up. He is dedicated to students of Manual Arts High School, where the average 9th grader begins the year with a grade point average of only 2.2. In the 1990s, Manny helped establish the school’s Imaging, Science & Technology Academy (ISTA), 98 percent of whose students go on to college. One graduate received the Bill Gates Millennium Scholarship.

Employees Helping EmployeesWe have a standing relief fund to assist U.S. employees dealing with the aftermath of a federally declared disaster. Since 2006, employees have contributed millions of dollars to support one another in times of need through the Lockheed Martin Employee Disaster Relief Fund (LMEDRF). One beneficiary is Ben Folk, a Lockheed Martin employee and father of five based in Valley Forge, Pa. Ben’s home was destroyed after it caught fire during Hurricane Sandy. In the following days, Ben’s colleagues and his children’s school collected household items, toys and clothes for the family, and our employee fund helped them to settle into a rental home. “We are in a much better place now, and it is due in large part to the overwhelming support from the good people at Lockheed Martin,” he says.

Scientists in Action


Engineers and scientists from our Space Systems site in Colorado introduced their real-world research to students from ten U.S. states at an event hosted with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The event was part of a K-12 learning

Volunteers Spread Holiday Cheer

More than 70 volunteers at our Space Systems site in Sunnyvale, Ca. packaged 150 holiday boxes for service men and women stationed overseas.

2012 Toys for Tots

Delivered in a C130-J, holiday toys bring cheer to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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