How We Manage


For more than a decade, the Executive Diversity Council was responsible for creating and driving Lockheed Martin’s diversity and inclusion strategy. In 2012, the Council identified strategic objectives designed to further enhance inclusion within our workforce. The Corporation also established a new Corporate Sustainability Council to focus on our strategic, company-wide sustainability efforts and ensure they result in long-term environmental and social benefits for all our stakeholders. At the end of 2012, the Executive Diversity Council transitioned to the Corporate Sustainability Council, whose responsibilities include providing strategic guidance on diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives. Our Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Communications, Chief Technology Officer and representatives from each of our business areas are members of the Corporate Sustainability Council. The Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Opportunity Programs is accountable for development, integration and implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives and is a member of the Sustainability Working Group.

Across Lockheed Martin, our business areas have established diversity councils that align their efforts with the strategic priorities established by the Executive Diversity Council and the Corporate Sustainability Council. For example, in 2012, IS&GS hosted six employee events promoting three pillars of inclusion: Building Trust, Managing Bias and Managing Change to Promote an Inclusive Culture. Select events were streamed live and later made available to employees across the U.S.

Business Case

Diversity in workforce recruitment was a top issue to emerge from our stakeholder engagement in 2012. When local talent pools support labor needs, our recruiting and development efforts support a healthy mix of local and non-local talent. We are keenly aware that to remain competitive in the global economy and to help preserve our nation’s leadership as a technology innovator, we must ensure that we have the programs and initiatives in place to enable us to attract, develop and retain a highly-skilled workforce. Currently, 95 percent of our workforce is based in the United States. As the U.S. continues to become more diverse, our future success will be dependent upon our ability to hire and motivate individuals from a variety of backgrounds and leverage their capabilities to fulfill our customers’ missions.

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