How We Manage


Lockheed Martin invests in leading-edge technologies that strengthen our current portfolio and address our customers’ emerging mission needs. Our Corporate Engineering & Technology initiatives develop capabilities that drive business growth. In addition to supporting our core markets, our technology investments provide a strong foundation for entering markets such as energy, health care, advanced materials and cyber security. Within Engineering we focus on five domains: Electronics Engineering and Packaging; Integration Test & Evaluation; Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing; Software; and Systems Engineering & Architecture. Each includes a business leader and a cross-business area team that manage collaborative efforts and training resources.

In developing engineering products, services and packaging, we seek to maximize opportunities for efficient use of materials and energy. We partner with several academic, customer and industry-oriented stakeholders to raise awareness of innovative engineering practices of all aspects of a product—from materials and manufacturing, to use, maintenance and disposal. These include:• American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics® (AIAA®)

• Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE)

• Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE®)

• International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)

• King Abdullah University of Science and Technology® (KAUST®)

• Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative (MITei)

• US Manufacturing Competitiveness Initiative (USMCI)

Business Case

Sustainability is increasingly an issue for our customers. Lockheed Martin works closely with customers early in the product lifecycle to make the most efficient design decisions while keeping product quality in mind. We also understand, and seek to mitigate, the strategic challenges posed by limited natural resources. By forging technological advances in the energy market and increasing the efficiency of our solutions, we can help enable secure, sustainable development in many parts of the world.

Defending Energy Grids

As utilities evolve at an unprecedented rate, we are using our cyber security expertise to help them protect the grids, networks and systems that power our daily lives. Palisade® is our cyber security solution tailored to the growing complexity of the energy industry and the increased burden that it places on IT and Operations Security personnel. The Palisade® system provides advanced tools that allow security professionals to manage ever-increasing smart grid complexity and respond to new, more sophisticated cyber security threats.

Facilitating More Plug-In Parking

Utilities and system operators are increasingly turning to demand response as a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way to serve peak-load energy needs. At the same time, customers are increasingly looking to such programs to help manage their energy costs. Our SEEload® Demand Response Management System facilitates demand response energy management by implementing precise load relief at the system, substation or feeder level, providing utilities with unprecedented control of their distribution networks. The SEEload system also helps utilities manage distributed energy resources, such as plug-in electric vehicles, when these assets need to be managed via demand response.

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