We exceeded our Go Green water goal by 7 percent, decreasing our operational water usage by 32 percent from 2007 levels in 2012, a feat that saved more than 700 million gallons. To achieve this progress, we upgraded heating and cooling equipment at many of our sites and instituted landscaping projects that reduce or remove the need for irrigation water.

Every Drop Counts
Our Mission Systems and Training facility in Orlando, Fl., has almost halved its water use in five years. An array of projects designed to exceed Go Green water use goals included identifying and repairing leaking pipes and fixing a malfunctioning condenser, saving more than five million gallons of water. Using more efficient kitchen equipment and retrofitting bathrooms with low-flow fixtures and sink aerators led to further reductions of 232,000 gallons of water per year.

These repairs, upgrades and projects, in concert with employee awareness initiatives, have allowed the facility to set a company-wide leadership example, reducing water use by an impressive 48 percent from 2007 levels.

And we’re not stopping there. The water-conservation project pipeline includes a plan to optimize the chillers, cooling towers and chilled water storage tanks that service a majority of the campus. These adjustments will allow real-time data to drive system operation, rather than operating at almost full capacity 24/7.

Orlando facility chillers and cooling tower halves water use

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