Sustainable Sourcing


Having a strong, reliable network of suppliers is critical to the success of our operations and to the security capabilities of our products and services—and it is also a key component of our sustainability goals. We work with more than 29,000 first tier suppliers in the United States and 67 other countries to reinforce the science of citizenship and implement our global sustainability strategy.

Our customers and other stakeholders, such as investors, have a growing interest in sustainable sourcing issues. By increasing transparency and addressing sustainability in the supply chain, we enrich customer trust, reduce costs, secure continuity of supply and add value to our brand. Collaboration with our suppliers also encourages innovation, which leads to more sustainable products for our customers.

We expect our suppliers to meet the same high standards of ethics, business conduct and human rights that we apply to our own employees and operations.

By working with suppliers to improve our products’ energy efficiency, reduce waste and incorporate sustainably sourced materials at the design phase, we will save money and achieve higher performing solutions.


The mission success expectations we support demand reliable manufacturing partners, component suppliers and logistics providers.

What happened in 2012

We enhanced our business approach to measure environmental and social supply chain performance standards based on deeper risk and opportunity analysis.

    Nearly 1/4 of our supply chain expenditures are made to suppliers within 30 miles of our significant sites of operation.”

We spend on our supply chain an amount equivalent to roughly 60 percent of our annual sales.

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