Quality Assurance Clauses & Definitions

  Clause   Description   Clause Codes
(Definitions Are Below)
  A   Metallic Raw Materials   A1, A7, A8, B4, B5, B6, C7, P51, P62, P63, P64A
  A1   Non-Metallic Raw Materials   A1, A8, B4, B5, P51, P63
  B   Military Standard Hardware   A1, A8, B6, C7, P61, P63, P64A
  E   Metallic Extrusions   A1, A7, A8, B4, B5, B6, C7, P51, P62, P63, P64A
  G   Special Finish Processing   A1, A8, B5, P62, P63, P64A, Q4R with Appendix QJ
  G1   Rubber Packing & O-Rings   A1, A8, C7, P1, P61, P62, P63 and P64A
  G2   Rubber and Plastic Products   A1, A8, B4, B5, B6, C7, P1, P51, P61, P62, P63 and P64A
  G3   Tools and Tool Supplies   A1, B5, P62, P63 and P64A
  K   Chemicals   A1, A8, B5, C2, C7, P1, P36, P51, P63 and P63A
  K1   Limited Shelf Life Materials   A1, A8, C2, P1, P36, P51, P62, P63 and P64A
  K2   Packaging and Packing Material   A1, C7, P62 and P63
  M   Assemblies, Detail Parts and Work Transfers   A1, A7, A8, B5, P62, P63, P64A, Q2A, Q4R with Appendix QJ and Directive 001


A1 –
Seller shall maintain an International Organization of Standards ("ISO"), Aerospace Standard ("AS") or Military Standard-equivalent quality system acceptable to Buyer for the Items (including "items" and "Work" as such terms may be used in the PO definitions) covered herein. Widely recognized Government or Industry Quality system standards shall be used as guidelines. Upon buyer's request, Seller shall provide to Buyer documentation that describes Seller's quality system. All quality system documentation, and on-site performance of that system, are subject to review and approval by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics - Pinellas. Seller’s system shall include right of access by buyer, their customer, and regulatory authorities to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records.

A7 – Contractor and any sub-tier contractor engaged in special processes (example: soldering, cleaning, x-ray, welding, magnetic particle and penetrant inspection, heat treating, plating) shall have special process approval by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics or his system to control his sub-tier's special processes shall have been approved by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-Pinellas. Approval of special process sub-tier contractors does not relieve the contractor of the responsibility for exercising those control measures necessary to ensure that work performed by sub-tier contractors is in accordance with specification requirements. Contractor shall have records of his approval on file, available for review by the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-Pinellas Quality Representative. The Contractor shall identify the sub-tier contractor(s) that perform special processes, by process specification, and supply this information to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics with each shipment.

A8 – Seller shall comply with applicable provisions of the LMAS Engineering Purchasing Specification Manual (EPS), the Preferred Parts Handbook (PPH) and/or F-22 Parts Procurement Manual (PPM), as applicable in the manufacturing of supplies under this order.

B4 – Material shall be marked with MIL marks that should include thickness and/or shape, alloy, temper and specifications number. Also as applicable, the class, type, grade finish etc. should be included. As necessary, due to material configuration, tagging is permissible.

B5 – The Contractor shall submit with each shipment, a Certificate of Conformance, dated and bearing the signature and title of an authorized contractor's Representative, stating that the materials furnished to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-Pinellas are in conformance with applicable requirements of the Contract, drawings and specifications and that supporting documentation is on file and will be made available to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-Pinellas upon request. Certification shall include name of Contractor for materials being supplied, supplier number, quantity shipped and Contract Number. An example of an acceptable statement of certification of conformance is as follows:

"This is to certify that all items noted are in conformance with the Contract, drawings, specifications and other applicable documentation, that all process certifications, chemical and physical test reports are on file at this facility and are available for review by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-Pinellas systems."

B6 – The contractor shall submit with each shipment, one copy of test reports indicating chemical composition and/or actual physical properties identifiable to each lot, batch or heat treat lot. An Authorized Contractor's Representative shall validate this report, by either an inspection stamp or signature and title.

C2 – Time and temperature storage conditions must be attached to the packing sheet and accompany each shipment to be delivered hereunder. Their outermost shipping box must be marked to indicate "Time and Temperature Sensitive Material," and "Temperature Storage Range in Degrees."

C7 – Contractor shall certify that the articles delivered under this contract conform to the requirements set forth in the Procurement Specification and applicable Detail Specification for the article ordered.

The Contractor shall submit with each shipment, a certification as to the origin of manufacture and procurement, applicable traceability information for articles delivered, (e.g., date code/lot number), and part number. The certification shall be dated and bear the signature and title of an authorized representative of the Contractor supplying the article(s).

Articles defined in this Contract are subject to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-Pinellas inspection at destination and will not be accepted by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-Pinellas if the Contractor fails to ship completed certification with the article(s).

P1 – Each individual container (can, bottle, drum, etc.) containing the articles to be delivered hereunder must be clearly and permanently marked in accordance with the applicable specification. In addition, the following information must be forwarded with each shipment: (1) Date of manufacture or ship date, whichever controls shelf life limitation, (2) Specifications or material control information number, and (3) Purchase Agreement number.

P36 – Each individual container of toxic substances or hazardous chemicals to be delivered hereunder shall bear a label from the manufacturer, importer, distributor or supplier with the chemical name and hazard warning as defined by OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910, 1200 and state employee "Right to Know" laws. Additionally, the applicable MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) shall be provided.

P51 – The distributor shall certify that the material delivered under this Contract conforms to the requirements set forth in this Contract. Procurement Specification and applicable Detail Specification for the material ordered and that supporting documentation is on file and will be made available to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-Pinellas Representatives upon request. The Certificate shall be dated and shall include the signature and title of an authorized representative of the distributor.

P61 – Rubber Goods delivered under this Contract shall conform to the requirements set forth in SAE-AS-1933 and SAE-ARP-5316 incorporated herein by reference. Non-installed "O" rings shall be individually packaged in "cure date" marked, preservation wrapping in accordance with Method IC-1 (latest revision) of Mil-Std-2073-1 and shall be delivered to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics-Pinellas with a minimum of fifty per cent of useful shelf life remaining.

P62 – The Contractor shall invoke the appropriate Quality Clauses herein against any Sub-tier Supplier performing work involving this contract if the Sub-tier supplier is a distributor; he shall provide the name of the Manufacturer and the Manufacturer's part number for each lot shipped. (This requirement does not apply to fasteners procured to military and industry specifications).

P63 – Shipments received from special processing such as chem-film, paint, heat treat, etc. need only to ensure proper identification and protection of detail parts/assemblies is maintain. External bar coding labels is not required.

When a drawing, specification or purchase order lacks preservation, packaging, and shipping instructions, it shall be the Contractor's responsibility to maintain adequate control of the packaging to ensure the quality of the fabricated article is maintained and that damage deterioration substitution and loss in transit are prevented.

Shipments consisting of multiple containers shall have each container identified, e.g., 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc. All shipping documents shall be placed within Box No. 1 or in attached envelope. The box shall be clearly marked: packing slip, certifications, test reports, etc., enclosed.

Material consisting of different configurations shall not be commingled within the same container. Each configuration must be packaged in separate containers with a packing slip for that particular configuration.

Shipments of electronic parts consisting of multiple date codes shall be tested on the shipper. Each date code lot shall be segregated and identified as to date code and quantity.

Electronic components shall be packaged in resealable containers in such a manner as to protect the parts integrity and solderability for extended storage periods in an environment of 24 ± 5 degree Centigrade and 30 ± 5 percent relative humidity. Containers and packaging materials shall be of material that does not introduce gases or chemicals that could be detrimental to the solderability of the components. Bags or containers made of silicones, sulfur compounds, or polysulphides, or process with these compounds shall not be used. Static shielding bags used for packaging printed wiring assemblies or components shall be clean, static free, and free from ionic contaminants. The buyer reserves the right to require confirmation that plastic bags, if heat-sealed, do not introduce contaminants to enclosed components.

P63A – Parts shall be individually packaged and preserved to prevent damage in shipment. Boxes, crates, and other shipping containers will be of sufficient strength to prevent breakage in transit.

Seller shall provide adequate inspection control of the preservation, packaging, and shipping process to assure all products are complete and all required data has been provided.

P64A – For a minimum period of seven (7) years after the completion of this contract, the Contractor shall keep on file at his facility all the inspection and test record relative to material, processes, services and parts shown on this purchase order. Test specimens (e.g., test bars, test panels, etc.) used to certify chemical/physical properties, property changes, adhesion tests, etc. are considered objective evidence and shall be maintained for the same time period. These records shall be available for release upon demand by the Buyer.

Directive 001 – Seller shall manufacture per Procurement Data Sheet (PDS) as provided by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, unless otherwise directed by the purchase order. Seller shall provide all materials to manufacture part complete from EPS approved manufacturers, unless otherwise directed by the purchase order.

Mandatory/required tooling supplied by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company shall be utilized as seller's media of inspection, and for Lockheed Martin source inspection acceptance for those part features created by, or depicted by said tooling. (e.g. - contours, hole locations, profiles, etc.).

The TMS-MC-015 supplier tooling manual, previously identified as Clause Q15, has been superseded by Appendix QX, which can be obtained from the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Supply Chain Management Internet website:


The revision of the applicable Standard Process Specifications (STP), Process Specifications & Process Bulletins, Standard Material Specifications (STM), and / or Design Standards (DM), hereinafter referred to as "specification", current as of the date of this order, is hereby a part of this order.

Seller hereby agrees that it has obtained or will obtain from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics the specification revision in effect as of the date of this purchase order, and that the supplies identified herein shall be manufactured in accordance with such specification revision, unless otherwise directed by this purchase order.

Quality Control Specification (QCS-001) controlled processes & approved processors: QCS-001 is used to identify both the process sources and the controlled processes that require Lockheed Martin approval, prior to use for items delivered to Lockheed Martin. A controlled process is an operation performed on an item where the operation is not readily inspectable subsequent to its conclusion. Controlled processes have verifiable controls inherent to the process (i.e. heat treat, plating, nondestructive testing, etc.) The list of Lockheed Martin controlled processes and approved sources can be found on the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Supply Chain Management Internet website:


Seller shall ensure that all purchase orders to buyer-approved process sources contain a statement with the words "Work to be accomplished in performance of this purchase order is directly related to a Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company PO and must be accomplished in accordance with process specification on purchase order, and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company Appendix QJ. "Seller is required to file and maintain a copy of all purchase orders containing the above statement and make these available for review upon request. The seller is required to submit a Certificate of Conformance (C of C) with a unique certification number containing the following information:

Title and specification number, including revision number, of the process, name and address of the process or NDT facility, Lockheed Martin assigned processor number, date the C of C was issued, purchase order part number, quantity of parts, to include quantity accepted/rejected, signature and title of authorized quality agent of seller, fracture durability classification or serialization.

Shipping instructions data and PMR reports:

Seller is directed to the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Supply Chain Management Internet website for instructions regarding shipping instructions.


The external surface of packages must ship with a Lockheed Martin bar code label, which is easily generated on the Lockheed Martin Supply Chain Management Center internet website under shipping instructions:


Notification of change: Seller shall notify the buyer in writing of any adverse change in the status of their quality control system as a result of any government or FAA action. The seller shall also notify the buyer upon any location or transfer of seller manufacturing operations, or upon any change in quality assurance organization or procedures that affects conformity verification of applicable supplies or services.

This purchase order calls for Lockheed Martin Surveillance. Seller shall notify, within a minimum of five (5) days upon receipt of the PO, the Lockheed Martin field representative who normally services seller's facility. Such notification shall include the PO number, date of scheduled shipment and any special security clearance that might be required to perform surveillance activities. If you do not know the Lockheed Martin field representative assigned to your facility, please obtain the appropriate contact from the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Material Management Internet website:


Lockheed Martin Source Inspection: Inspection by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics of all supplies furnished under this order is required at the place of manufacture. Seller shall provide not less than 48 hours advance notice to the Lockheed Martin field representative who normally services seller's facility, to permit scheduling of inspection, and shall furnish to Buyer's quality control representative (1) verifiable evidence that the supplies meet the requirements of this order and (2) a copy of the order, as amended, with applicable drawings, specifications, and other approved acceptance criteria.
Supplier is exempt from source inspection once specifically approved by Lockheed Martin Quality Assurance for the Supplier Engagement and End Item Acceptance (EIA) program. If Supplier has received an EIA Letter of Delegation from the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Pinellas Park hereby authorizes Supplier to apply such EIA Delegation to this purchase order, under the provisions of the LM Aero EIA Delegation. Any in-process inspection requirements at supplier will be indentified on suppliers purchase orders when needed or as required.

Lockheed Martin Star Suppliers are authorized to ship product under the guidelines of the Star Program.

The following Quality Clauses and Appendices are imposed by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Supply Chain Management (SCM) Procurement Quality Assurance, available for review on their website at the following addresses:


Q2A – First Article Inspection

Q3R – Fit Check

Q4R – Foreign Object Damage / Damage Prevention

Appendix QJ – Seller Quality Requirements (QCS-001 Processing Sources)

Appendix QR – Seller Quality Program Requirements

Appendix QX – Seller Quality Requirements