LM Aero Procurement Quality Assurance Excellence Plan

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company’s goal is to return product ownership to its suppliers. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company will perform an oversight assessment to determine the level of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company participation in process/product surveillance and product acceptance. This initiative is part of the Procurement Quality Assurance (PQA) and customer-focused strategy. 

The three PQA tools to enhance supply chain integration and to delegate transition of end item acceptance are Return to Green (RTG), Structural Surveillance Plan (SSP) and Oregon Productivity Matrix (OPM). The three methodologies are described in details below:

Return to Green (RTG) is a more intense and focused oversight activities implemented at suppliers with performance issues or identified as being at a high probability of developing performance issues based on early warning measure and on-site PQA Supplier Field Engineer knowledge. It requires a formalized plan be developed for the supplier engagement and must include measurable milestones.

Download the Return to Green (RTG) Presentation 
Structured Surveillance Plan (SSP) is a high level review of a suppliers manufacturing, quality systems, and processes to assure the supplier is in full compliance with the purchase order requirements. In affect, the structured surveillance strategy is a progressive, continual mini-audit of the various manufacturing processes and quality systems elements within the supplier's facility.

Oregon Productivity Matrix (OPM) is a single-page view of a supplier’s overall performance based on a line of balance that includes elements of schedule, quality and customer satisfaction. OPM uses key metrics employed by the supplier, often already existing company metrics, as key performance indicators (KPI’s) to identify improvements, declines, and shifts in the supplier’s performance. OPM enables trend-data analysis of the KPI’s to predict performance.
Download the Oregon Productivity Matrix (OPM) Presentation

Oregon Productivity Matrix (OPM) Web Portal Tutorial is a web portal to store and track monthly OPM metrics. This is an interactive/communicative tool between LM Aero and its suppliers.  OPM metrics are captured by the supplier and entered in the OPM Web Portal by the 15th of the month. OPM Web Portal is housed in the Supplier Quality Management (SQM) Website.

Download the Oregon Productivity Matrix (OPM) Web Portal Tutorial
CI Team POC- For any further information regarding RTG, SSP, and OPM Briefings and/or Implementation Events, please contact the process owner James Bratton 817/777-8760 or  CI Team Lead Jeff Wyatt 817-777-1598.