A Day of Remembrance


May 23, 2013


To Lockheed Martin U.S. Employees


For nearly 150 years, Americans have set aside the last Monday in May to remember the many members of our military who have given their lives to protect our freedom and way of life. These men and women paid the ultimate price to secure the principles of liberty that we enjoy today, and they will forever have our gratitude.

This Memorial Day, I hope you’ll join me in reflecting on the sacrifice made by these brave service members.


At Lockheed Martin, we’re privileged to support the same cause of freedom that those individuals fought for so valiantly. You demonstrate this shared purpose every day in your hard work, dedication and commitment to our customers.

As we honor the service members who have died defending our country, let’s also remember the men and women of Lockheed Martin who lost their lives to enemies of freedom. Last September, we dedicated our “We Never Forget” Memorial Wall at the Center for Leadership Excellence, which serves as an enduring tribute to six fallen colleagues.


On Monday, as we pause to honor those who have given their lives in the defense of our nation, I hope you’ll also reflect with pride on the work you’re doing to support the men and women in uniform who defend freedom all over the world. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to that noble cause.