Shaping the Future Through Advanced R&D

Advanced research projects are a development gateway for innovative ideas, processes and solutions. Often awarded to Lockheed Martin by organizations such as the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) and the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), advanced research projects open the door to uncharted possibilities.

Recently IS&GS-National and Advanced Technology Operations began work on two new advanced research projects, the Integrated Cognitive- Neuroscience Architectures for Understanding Sensemaking (ICArUS) project and the Cyber Genome project.


The human mind is a constant mystery and source of discovery — particularly the process we use to make decisions. In an effort to map this process, IARPA chose three teams — including one led by IS&GS-Advanced Technology Operations — to work a project known as ICArUS.

Each team is tasked with developing computational neuroscience models of the seven brain systems used for cognitive processing that explain, predict and emulate human sense-making. Each model will be produced with varying levels of granularity. The IS&GS-National team, known as FRAMES or the “Framework for Analogy and Memory Embodied in Spiking Neurons” team, will study and model the cognitive process on the neuron level. When complete, the models will accurately predict and imitate the behavior humans show when making decisions and performing complex analysis tasks, including cognitive biases and mistakes.

“Our goal is to build a model that exhibits the same cognitive behaviors as the human mind,” said David Morgenthaler, principal research scientist and FRAMES program manager. “By doing so, we solidify our understanding of how the mind operates, which enables the Intelligence Community to better predict human-related strengths and weaknesses in the intelligence analysis process.”

The FRAMES team consists of Advanced Technology Labs employees, as well as renowned researchers from universities throughout the country.

Cyber Genome

In addition to human neurological research, National is also undertaking a project awarded by DARPA, known as Cyber Genome. A joint effort between Lockheed Martin, GE Global Research and the University of California Riverside, Cyber Genome is a project to develop revolutionary cyber defense and investigatory technologies that will collect, identify and track cyber attack lineage in order to support DoD law enforcement, counter intelligence and cyber defense teams.

 “In essence, we are working to map the ‘DNA’ of a cyber attack,” said John Morrison, program lead for Cyber Genome. “The goal is that Cyber Genome will allow us to track incidents on a network, differentiate them from prior incidents, determine if they are harmful and assess their origin.”

This program comes as cyber attacks aimed at critical infrastructure, such as nuclear power plants, the electrical grid and high-value military and infrastructure assets, continue to grow and become more sophisticated to combat.  Read the full Connect article here.

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Posted on February 1, 2012


IS&GS-National is leading two advanced R&D projects exploring next-generation concepts for human decision making and cyber security.