Enterprise Standard Architecture Supports Crime Fighting


Representatives from the ESA IV program and capture teams stand outside the ATF headquarters in Washington, DC. Led by Civil Vice President Vicki Schmanske (front row, seventh from left), this team is delivering enterprise IT services and emerging technologies to enable ATF’s important crime-fighting mission.

The most effective weapon in pursuing the nation’s most hardened criminals is the immediate and secure access to critical data. More than 3,300 agents and investigators with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) risk their lives daily to protect our nation from acts of violence involving the illegal use of firearms, arson, criminal organizations and a myriad of other threats. Access to data—and the ability to communicate that information no matter where they are, on the streets or in the world—is imperative to every mission ATF undertakes.

Today, Lockheed Martin supports ATF’s important crime-fighting mission by providing enterprise information technology (IT) services and leading-edge technologies that will deliver secure access to critical data—anytime, anywhere—helping agents to save lives and get criminals off the street. This work is being performed under the new Enterprise Standard Architecture (ESA) IV program to provide managed services and secure technology solutions to the ATF, the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) and other federal agencies. The business unit was selected as the prime contractor for the ESA IV program, and the contract transitioned smoothly in March.

“Lockheed Martin clearly demonstrated that we understand the criticality of the ATF mission and the CIO’s vision for ESA IV,” says Vicki Schmanske, vice president of the IS&GS-Civil IT and Security Solutions line of business. “We tailored our technology solution and our management team to enable ATF to achieve their mission effectively and safely every day.”

Under the contract, the ESA IV team will supply standard managed-services support for up to 15,400 ATF/USMS users at more than 250 locations. Services include hardware and software acquisition, personal computer maintenance and support, system security, help desk services and data center management.  Other innovative technologies are being leveraged via essential cloud, mobility and data center consolidation solutions to deliver vital information literally into the hands of the ATF agents.

Lockheed Martin’s strong domain knowledge, enterprise IT capabilities and a passion for excellence continue to deliver important technology solutions for a critical public-safety service, everyday.

Posted March 25, 2013