Feature Stories




A-10 Thunderbolt II

AT-6 Takes Light Attack Back to the Future

AT-6C: A Lethal Weapon, Too





Aegis Combat System

Aegis BMD Records another Hit

For Aegis, Numbers Speak Volumes

Navy Raises CANES to Reduce Cost, Complexity

Aegis Coming Ashore for Europe’s Missile Defense

Aegis Show and Tell

Evolution Continues to Transform Aegis

Aegis BMD on track to support Phased Adaptive Approach for missile defense

Thor Heyerdahl’s Newest Adventure

South Korea Makes Splash with Latest KDX-III Destroyer

Aegis Builds on Success One Block at a Time





Biomass Energy and Fuels

Wood: the Once and Future Fuel for Vets









High Altitude Airship

High Altitude Airship demonstrates successful launch during abbreviated flight






Army Enlisting Unmanned Systems for Supply Missions

History in the Making

K-MAX Takes Road Out of Roadside Bomb Threat

Lockheed Martin/Kaman K-MAX Set to Take Off

Passing the Test

Rainy Days Don’t Keep K-MAX Down

Solving an Age-Old Problem





Littoral Combat Ship

Construction Begins on Newest LCS

LCS ‘Critical’ to 313-Ship Navy

Full Speed Ahead for LCS 3

LCS 3 Readies for Sea Trials

Milwaukee, Marinette Together Again

Little Rock’s Maritime History Grows with LCS Honor

Light Off Turns Lights On For LCS 3

Got Your Back

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Navy Secretary Mabus honors Marinette’s Wisconsin, Michigan workers by naming next two LCS Milwaukee, Detroit

Full Speed Ahead for LCS 7






MH-60 Helicopter Takes Off for Thailand

G’Day Mate! MH-60R Helo Heads Down Under

MH-60 Numbers Add Up for Navy

Step Right this Way for a Tour of the MH-60R

Navy’s Sabrehawks Flying High

Wherefore art thou, (MH-60) Romeo?

Common Cockpit Far from Ordinary

Modern by Design

U.S. Plans to Offer MH-60R to South Korea

MH-60R Staying on the Cutting Edge






Emergency Mining Communication System Approved






Lockheed’s Unmanned Yellow Submarine Set to Sail






Carbon Nanostructure Fibers Boost NASA Spacecraft





Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Aloha, OTEC heat exchangers





Persistant Threat Detection System

PTDS Keeps Watch Around the Clock

Keeping PTDS’ Eyes in the Sky

PTDS: Afghanistan’s Eyes in the Sky





Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Muzzling Gas Guzzling Generators





Wave and Tidal Energy

Catching the Tidal Energy Wave