Lockheed Martin’s C4ISR System Enables Coast Guard to React at ‘Light Speed’

file Photo courtesy U.S. Coast Guard

The Coast Guard’s Commandant for Command, Control, Communications & Information Technology Rear Admiral Robert Day recently said in an interview that 10 years ago it took “sheer luck” to capture a boat smuggling drugs.

Today, that has all changed, thanks in large part to Lockheed Martin.

The Coast Guard’s use of C4ISR systems on its sea, air and land assets now allow it to react quickly to actionable intelligence communicated at “light speed.” For example, the Coast Guard’s National Security Cutter (NSC) now acts as “the point of the spear” because the C4ISR capability can locate a target and direct the ship to it.

“In the old days, we literally went down there and bored holes in the water, and if we came across a drug vessel, it was by sheer luck,” Rear Admiral Day said in a December 9 Second Line Defense article. “Let’s fast-forward now to the 2000s.  By being able to fuse actionable intelligence, and not only that, but intelligence communicated at light speed… we’re telling a Cutter to go (to) point A, pick up smuggler B with load C.  And we’re doing that in real time with delivery of a common operational picture, which has been fused with intelligence.  That was unheard of 10 years ago.”

Lockheed Martin provides the C4ISR system for the NSCs, as well as the C4ISR missionization pallets for the Coast Guard’s HC-130J and HC-144A aircraft. Lockheed Martin recently received a $66 million contract from shipbuilder Northrop Grumman to provide the C4ISR system to NSC 4.

Lockheed Martin’s C4ISR system will provide the 418-foot NSC 4 with comprehensive, real-time situational awareness, commonality, and interoperability with other government agencies and organizations.

The NSC’s C4ISR system is critical to ensuring the crew can see vessels in distress or targets of interest; collaborate with other Coast Guard assets at sea, in the air and ashore; and take action on the most current and pertinent information available.