TV’s Newest “Big Brain”

Lockheed Martin’s Corey Fleischer wins Discovery Channel’s “The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius”

corey-fleischer-06-460x310In the finale of Discovery Channel’s “The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius,” Lockheed Martin employee Corey Fleischer took home the $50,000 prize and earned the title “the next great American innovator.” Photo courtesy Discovery Channel.

Move over Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz, there’s a new “big brain” on television.

Lockheed Martin engineer Corey Fleischer won the Discovery Channel’s “The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius,” receiving $50,000 and earning the title “the next great American innovator.”

Fleischer, a 32-year-old mechanical engineer from Baltimore, outlasted nine of the brightest minds in the country in the televised engineering competition/reality show.

In the finale, which aired June 19, Fleischer and finalist Ph.D. student Amy Elliott reconstructed a bridge after host Kal Penn blew it up. In a dramatic ending, Elliott’s bridge was deemed unsafe and not deployable, disqualifying her from the final challenge. With help from former contestants, Fleischer’s bridge deployed successfully and he was crowned as the most talented engineer.

“To make it all the way through the competition undefeated, and then to win…unbelievable,” Fleischer said.

Fleischer and his competitors encountered a new “seemingly impossible” engineering problem each week. In each of the previous challenges, Fleischer’s team won, making him the only undefeated competitor.

When previously asked how he’d celebrate winning, Fleischer told Discovery Channel, “I’m definitely getting a ‘The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius’ tattoo.” So, did he?

“Not yet, but I’m definitely getting it,” said Fleischer. “I just need to decide where I’m going to put it.”

Fleischer’s passion for engineering has steadily grown since his parents gave him a hot glue gun at age 10. In his current role at Lockheed Martin subsidiary Applied NanoStructured Solutions (ANS), he supports multiple projects within the Littoral Combat Ship program.

When he heard from a friend that the Discovery Channel was looking to crown the most talented engineer, he jumped at the chance. And after, eight weeks, he has made quite a big bang of his own.

Posted June 20, 2013