Engineering Spotlight:
Chitra R.

What is your role at Lockheed Martin?

Senior Program Manager and Innovation Lead for Health IT

One of the challenges facing the engineering field is a lack of awareness for what engineering is, and what engineers do. What steps can the engineering industry take to make our educational and career pursuits more real and relatable to the general public?

As an ambassador at Woodlawn Middle School, in Baltimore, Md., I work with teachers and staff to strengthen STEM programs. Recently, Lockheed Martin sponsored the school’s first STEM Olympics. Students and parents raced through hallways to complete six competitions that encouraged teamwork, creative thinking and work through trial and error. The event attracted more than 100 students, parents, a state senator and school administration. The school’s comment, “This obviously worked, because students and parents are already asking about the next competition!” is testament to Lockheed Martin’s efforts to make STEM come alive and truly making a difference. 

We help dispel barriers that may exist, especially in underserved communities such as Woodlawn with a high poverty rate. We have hosted school-wide activities/tours including an information booth for parents, teachers, and students on how Lockheed Martin is engaging, exciting and educating 620 plus students about STEM, and assisting teachers to inspire students through career simulation tools such as LifeJourney.  

As a liaison for Maryland Business Round Table Speakers Bureau and STEM in Classroom initiatives, we have recruited more than 80 volunteers who engaged more than 1100 students in classrooms in addition to clinical information careers and national speech contests at other schools.

The theme for National Engineers Week is “Let’s Make a Difference”. Tell us about how you make a difference to inspire young people to consider a career in engineering? How can your peers get involved?

Lockheed Martin uses a multi-prong approach to increase awareness. This includes sending dedicated speakers into schools to engage and provide information on diverse and rewarding engineering careers; bring problem-solving activities to classrooms to motivate students and help teachers to inspire their students via videos or virtual channels.

Industry can take steps to increase awareness around engineering careers by being a visible force at schools and in the community. This will make educational and career pursuits realistic and one the general public can appreciate.

More information on engineering and other career opportunities at Lockheed Martin, visit our Careers page.


Name: Chitra R.
Location: Baltimore, Md
Engineering Field:
Information Systems and Technology Engineering