Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Services NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Center Dedication Ceremony

Remarks By Robert J. Stevens
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer,
Lockheed Martin Corporation
NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Center - 11/12/2009

Thank you, Linda, and thank you all for joining us today as we open our NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Center.

When you tour the center, you’ll see what looks like a futuristic movie set. But cyber attacks aren’t a futuristic challenge. They are with us – here and now and all the time.

The Pentagon calls these cyber intrusions an Advanced Persistent Threat. It’s a danger that knows no boundaries, and has very few safe havens. Cybercriminals have breached classified computer networks, ground governments to a halt, stolen corporate assets -- even targeted a presidential campaign -- to say nothing of the havoc they have wreaked on millions of people’s bank accounts and personal identities.

As a global security company, Lockheed Martin takes this threat extremely seriously. We too must defend on a daily basis against sophisticated cyber campaigns… shielding our systems… safeguarding our customers’ information… protecting the national security programs with which we’ve been entrusted.

In an age when some of our nation’s fiercest battles are taking place around bits and bytes, our NexGen center will help ensure our customers prevail on the cyber battle front. It will also accelerate the adoption of other innovative capabilities, such as cloud computing, to support their global security missions and improve the business of government in delivering services to citizens.

One of the challenges of cyber-security is moving from reactive to predictive. This center will help us monitor cyber-attacks… discern patterns and behaviors… and swiftly develop solutions… so we can enable our customers to stop cyber-damage before it starts. We’re providing a space that is safe and secure for real-world simulations, where customers and cyber warriors can test and hone resilient cyber-defenses… to safeguard their systems from attack… keep those systems up and running, even while an attack is underway… and develop network self-healing capabilities to minimize the impact of assault.

We’re especially proud to be working with many of the best technology companies in the business – and I want to thank our partners for bringing their state-of-the-art technologies to our center. I think we all agree that by aggregating our strength and expertise, we’ll accelerate innovation to protect and enhance the IT infrastructure on which our government, economy, society, and way of life depend.

This new center, brought to life by our employees, customers, and partners, will help us predict, prevent, detect, and defuse the cyber-threats ahead and leverage the power of Information Technology to enhance our customers’ missions. It’s a reflection of Lockheed Martin’s commitment to invest in tomorrow’s tools and technologies – and to support not only our customers’ missions, but to help secure the cyber terrain.