The DAGR® Missile: A 21st Century Weapon Effective against Multiple Threats


Lockheed Martin’s DAGR® missile is a 70mm (2.75-inch) precision-strike munition that effectively neutralizes lightly-armored vehicles, rooms within a structure and other high-value targets close to civilian assets or friendly forces with minimal collateral damage. DAGR has proven itself in 30 successful guided flights, most recently in Apache tests conducted at Yuma Proving Ground.

Designed by the same Lockheed Martin teams who have made the HELLFIRE® II missile the most trusted close-combat precision-guided weapon on today’s battlefield, DAGR offers HELLFIRE capabilities that no other weapon in its class can match. Like HELLFIRE, DAGR communicates with the pilot while on the launcher—to indicate it is working properly, to accept new laser target codes and to lock onto targets before launch as well as after. The seeker’s ±8 degree field of view provides a large engagement envelope, enabling DAGR to acquire and launch at off-axis targets, maintain contact with a laser spot in high winds while in flight, and hone in on pop-up or moving targets. The result is a laser-guided missile that offers capabilities beyond those of a simple guided rocket.

DAGR is compatible with both HELLFIRE analog and digital smart launchers—ready to integrate with HELLFIRE systems today and modernized rocket launchers tomorrow. Plug-and-play HELLFIRE II compatibility enables aircrews of HELLFIRE-equipped platforms to mix loadouts between HELLFIRE and DAGR missiles on the same launcher, providing the flexibility to meet any challenge on an ever-changing battlefield. When increased loadout or reduced weight is a must, DAGR delivers.


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