Lockheed Martin Expands Capabilities of Dragon Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Family


The Dragon’s Vision Keeps Getting Better

Lockheed Martin’s Dragon family of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance configurations continues to add capabilities to provide customers with the most-flexible and configurable set of ISR solutions in the world.

Two of the most-significant recent improvements are the upgrade of Dragon Stare™ with the addition of advanced infrared imagery sensors developed by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, and the addition of new options for Net Dragon customers who want to contract for specific services.

“We’re seeing rapid growth in customer interest in the concept of purchasing capability rather than the systems themselves,” says Charles Gulledge, director of airborne reconnaissance business development with Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Solutions-Defense. “The contract-services approach can help them hold down costs while allowing them to contract only for the capabilities they need, when they need them.”

Whether customers are interested in owning ISR systems themselves or contracting for ISR as a service, the Dragon family offers an enterprise approach that stand-alone platforms do not, Gulledge adds.

“A major part of the appeal of our Dragon configurations is that they’re not stove-piped systems,” he says. “Dragon ISR data feed directly into our customers’ networks. Plus, as our customers’ needs grow and change, we’re there to grow and change with them. We’re committed to making this product family the most integrated, flexible, and cost-effective ISR solution set available.”

In addition to Dragon Stare and Net Dragon, other configurations include Dragon Scout™, Dragon Shield™ and Dragon Star™, and Dragon Den™, each addressing a specific area of customer needs across the ISR spectrum.


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