Mobile Technologies for Anywhere, Anytime Training


When our cars need an oil change, most of us take them to a mechanic to be serviced. But, for the military and commercial companies, it’s not an option to drop off equipment with an expert for tune-ups. Oftentimes, experts are sent into the field to provide maintenance and operations support.

Lockheed Martin is looking to reduce the cost of sustaining equipment by providing on-the-scene operators with intuitive resources for platform maintenance. Harnessing the accessibility of handheld computing power, the company has developed apps for training virtually anywhere – including on ships at sea and power plant floors. 

Scanning equipment with a mobile device camera, the apps allow an operator to access maintenance history, repair procedures, high-quality CAD models and remotely consult with subject matter experts. The apps also include safety alerts to quickly notify staff of a potential issue.

Developed through company IRAD funds, Lockheed Martin applies learning science and human performance engineering to present information that supports rapid learning without the need for training infrastructure.

This integrated technology can change the way the military and commercial companies approach subject matter expert deployment.  As on-time training, the technology minimizes downtime and reduces travel by providing enhanced tools to the operators who are already in the field.

The patent-pending apps will be demonstrated at I/ITSEC. Stop by the Lockheed Martin exhibit, booth 1749, for demonstrations of shipboard engine controller and power plant maintenance apps.