New Technology for an Integrated Training Environment


An integrated training environment continues to gain in importance to prepare warfighters for a hybrid threat that could span guerrilla, insurgent, criminal and conventional forces. The challenge so far has been connecting assets in a cost-effective way while also providing meaningful training.

Lockheed Martin has developed technologies that combine live, virtual and constructive training in one environment to increase realism. The focus is using the right technologies that are affordable, less disruptive to operations and easier to maintain.

At I/ITSEC, the company will present the architecture that threads together live, virtual and constructive entities. For purposes of the demonstration, the live exercise is represented using a pre-recorded log file of live events. The virtual component is shown two ways – one for UAV training and one for dismounted infantry soldier training. And while the adversaries act like real threats, they will be constructively presented (computer generated).

The dismounted soldier training integrates kits from Quantum3D’s exhibition at I/ITSEC.

Lockheed Martin’s Common User Interface is the tool that merges outputs from the live, virtual and constructive domains. The single interface allows training participants to easily interact with each other and access command and control systems.

The result is an architecture that allows militaries to increase the realism offered during training exercises so that soldiers are mission ready when called into action.