Warfighter’s Corner Brings Simulation and Training Need to Real Life

warfighters_120412 Capt. Justin Welan (U.S. Marine Corps), Staff Sgt. Edwin Lopez (U.S. Army), Capt. Abram Burk (U.S. Air Force), Lt. Steven Davies (U.S. Coast Guard) and Lt. James Miller (U.S. Navy) participated in the Dec. 4 Warfighters’ Corner.

When Air Force Capt. Abram Burk’s A-10C Thunderbolt II lost an engine mid-flight, he knew exactly the procedures to land the aircraft safely. He’d practiced that situation and various other emergency procedures many times during high-fidelity simulator training, and he credits that training with why he and so many other pilots walk off the tarmac unhurt each day.

As a long-standing feature of  the Interservice/Industry Simulation, Training & Education Conference, warfighters from each branch of the services shared how the success of their experiences in theatre are built on a firm foundation of training.

Lt. Steven Davies of the U.S. Coast Guard said that training has come a long way from “popping in a VHS tape” of an instructor aimed at providing familiarization with a vessel. Now with ship-to-ship simulators, close-quarters combat simulators and weapons simulators, Davies believes that it’s much easier to prepare for tours afloat.

These warfighters see simulation not as a nice-to-have, but as a necessity for full mission preparedness. AH-1W pilot Captain Justin Welan of the U.S. Marine Corps agrees that training and simulation capabilities prepare the force with speed and agility for deployment that wouldn’t likely be possible. Noting orders for a detachment to Afghanistan with only a few weeks to prepare, simulator training ensured that the pilots had some sense of what it meant to fly in that region, specifically practicing evasive maneuvers and a broad spectrum of emergency situations that are difficult or impossible to replicate in a real aircraft.

Whether Humvee egress, weapons training or special maneuvers, the personal stories shared by the warfighters on Dec. 4 underscored the benefits of simulation and training programs and the need for industry to provide evolving solutions for a global force.

Posted on Dec. 5, 2012


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