Radar Users Conference

International Ground Based Radar Users Conference

March 19-23, 2012
Riverside Hilton
New Orleans, Louisiana

Lockheed Martin welcomes its long-range radar users from across the globe for a unique opportunity to provide information on system upgrades and life-cycle support and to share our radar technology roadmap.  The Users Conference features radar expert presentations, product demonstrations and roundtable discussions.


Ground-Based Radars Overview


This welcome video to Lockheed Martin’s 2012 International Ground-Based Radar Users Conference features the TPS-59, TPS-77 and FPS-117, our family of long-range, air surveillance radar systems.  More than 170 of these high-performing, solid-state L-band radars currently provide early warning, situational awareness, and ballistic and tactical missile surveillance for our customers around the world.

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Updates from the Conference


Chris Atherton, technical director for Lockheed Martin’s TPS-77/FPS-117 radar product line, speaks about the clutter issue that windfarm turbines present to most air surveillance/air defence radars.  The U.K. has selected the TPS-77 radar as their solution to allow windfarm projects releasing a potential of three Gigawatts of energy generation capacity to proceed.

This short conference video explains the windfarm-radar clutter issue and how the pencil-beam radar architecture and advanced clutter processing techniques of Lockheed Martin’s TPS-77 radar allow it to detect aircraft around and over windfarms without any loss of probability of detection. 

Rick Herodes, Lockheed Martin’s TPS-77/FPS-117 radar and customer support manager, reports from New Orleans just prior to our International Ground-Based Radar Users Conference, where officials from 15 countries, along with U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps and NATO representatives, are gathering to share their experiences and ideas. 

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