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Universal Communications Platform

Universal Communications Platform

Communication is critical to coordination – whether it’s in the midst of battle, or when disaster strikes.  And when communications systems aren’t connecting, critical resources can fall short – negatively impacting response time and mission execution.

That’s why Lockheed Martin created the Universal Communications Platform (UCP) -- so warfighters, emergency responders, law enforcement, and counterterrorism experts can stay connected.  UCP delivers a game-changing capability that enables first response and government organizations to use their personal mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to access otherwise disparate radio network infrastructures.

What is UCP?

The Universal Communications Platform is a system that integrates all types of fixed and mobile radio systems and enables interoperability with other communications and data-related systems.   It transforms any radio system into a fully IP-based network – facilitating monitoring, control and dispatch from any location with a network connection and a smart phone, laptop, PC, or PDA.

No matter the vendor, frequency or band, the UCP connects disparate communications systems and enables them to talk to each other.  That means groups like fire, police and municipal agencies can all communicate.  Different units in different service branches can connect during battle.  The UCP is also beneficial to large-scale industrial operations like mining, forestry and factory productions.

About the UCP

  • Converts the audio and data from laptops, PCs, Personal Digital Assistants or smart phones to a common IP format, and then multicast on a standard IP network
  • Enables users to monitor, control and dispatch from any location with a network connection through any of these devices
  • Enhances compatibility among existing radios and systems while upgrading to state-of-the-art IP based features. Employs a modular configuration to meet customer requirements and is field upgradable
  • Incorporates push-to-talk cell phones and can display caller ID information on consoles
  • Reduces reliance on centralized servers

UCP’s Advantages

Modularity:  Only use the minimum number of modules needed to provide the required device interfaces.

Affordable: The UCP can work with your existing radios or systems – there’s no need for investment in additional costly communications equipment.

Reliable: Because the UCP doesn’t rely on centralized servers to connect radios, radio sites and dispatch locations, there is no single point of failure.

Sophisticated: Enjoy a level of interoperability and functionality that goes well beyond what a typical gateway communications device provides.