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A2100: Affordability, Performance and Reliability

Lockheed Martin is at the forefront of the space-based telecommunications revolution. Leading the way is our A2100, one of the most powerful flight-proven commercial spacecraft currently available. This modular geosynchronous satellite has a design life of 15 years and a flexible payload capacity ideally suited to meet the demand for commercial space systems well into the 21st century—a demand driven by growth in mobile telephony, business services, direct broadcast, internet, multimedia and broadband services.

Now, we have applied substantial enhancements to the A2100 satellite platform to meet current and future global communications market needs.  The new A2100 technical update addresses design architecture and manufacturing processes, offering satellite operators catalog-to-order solutions that leverage common parts, subsystems and components to meet specific customer and mission needs.  Traditional A2100 reliability and ease of operation is coupled with:

  • Lower cost and risk
  • Greater power
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced cycle time

This across-the-board innovation is yielding lower production cost and reduced cycle time, enabling less time to orbit and quicker time to revenue generation.  Our commercial and government customers will benefit from these changes by realizing the same A2100 quality and reliability, combined with improvements that deliver more performance at a lower cost.

We’re delivering greater value to our customers with increased capacity, flexibility, and capability at lower cost and risk and applying new approaches to:

  • Product architecture
  • Engineering design
  • Sourcing strategies
  • Manufacturing process
  • Vehicle integration & test procedures

From systems engineering to integration to orbit of today’s most capable satellites for commercial and government customers, Lockheed Martin is the world’s most experienced spacecraft and payload integrator, having delivered over 800 spacecraft and more than 300 payloads in the past 50 years

As a world leader in science and technology instrument development, we have delivered over 178 space instruments with 800+ years of operations.