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The Lockheed Martin-developed Aegis Combat System is the world’s premier naval surface defense system and is the foundation for Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense. Aegis can simultaneously attack land targets, submarines, and surface ships while automatically implementing defenses to protect the fleet against aircraft and missiles.

Under Lockheed Martin’s stewardship, the team has successfully delivered 15 technological evolutions to the U.S. and allied navies. Aegis – through intelligent, deliberate evolution – has remained not only tactically viable, but has emerged solidly as a strategic national asset that is helping to define what is possible.

Since the first Aegis ship was commissioned in 1983, the government and industry have invested in a continuous process of technology upgrades in order to keep pace with the evolving threat. This process has ensured superior performance for more than 40 years.

Aegis is also the weapon system of choice for the navies of Australia, Japan, Norway, the Republic of Korea and Spain. The 100 Aegis-equipped ships in service around the globe have more than 1,250 years of at-sea operational experience and have launched more than 3,800 missiles in tests and real-world operations. A total of 26 Aegis BMD-equipped warships - 22 in the U.S. Navy and four in the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force - have the certified capability to engage ballistic missiles and perform long-range surveillance and tracking missions.

The Lockheed Martin-led Aegis team has four decades of real world, proven Navy combat system experience, making it the best performing, lowest risk solution.