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Antarctic Support Contract

South Pole Station

About the Antarctic Support Contract

Supporting scientific research on the highest, driest, coldest, windiest and emptiest place on Earth requires exceptional logistics and planning.

Lockheed Martin is the prime contractor for the National Science Foundation’s United States Antarctic Program (USAP) which enables universities, institutions and other nations' programs to conduct scientific research in the region.

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Jobs in Antarctica

In conjunction with several teammates, ASC provides station operations, logistics, information technology, construction, maintenance and more.

Lockheed Martin and its subcontractors hire approximately 1,000 positions annually to work contract jobs in Antarctica. They are primarily located at three U.S. stations, two research vessels, as well as field camps.


  • McMurdo Station
  • U.S. Antarctic Program participants disembark from an LC-130 near McMurdo Station.
  • A heavy equipment operator drills a hole through the sea ice so a science team can catch fish for research.
  • Scientific instruments are lowered over the side of the research vessel LAURENCE M GOULD.
  • Construction workers at the South Pole.
  • The McMurdo Annual Sea Ice Runway.

All photos courtesy of National Science Foundation.