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KC-130J Tanker

KC130 super hercules edited

The KC-130J is the global leader in aerial refueling for both tactical aircraft and helicopters, and it is also capable of conducting rapid ground refueling. The KC-130J is assigned to U.S. Marine Corps units and has more than 20,000 hours of flight in Iraq. It is battle-tested and it delivers capabilities that keep the fleet flying high. The KC-130J aerial refueling (AR) tanker is the latest in a long lineage of combat proven C-130 Hercules tanker technology. The new KC-130J builds on proven tanker designs while taking full advantage of tremendous technological and performance improvements inherent in the basic C-130J aircraft.


Maximum Takeoff Weight 164,000 lb
Maximum Fuel 61,364 lb (with external tanks)
Max Payload 47,903 lb (at Maximum Wing Relieving Fuel)
Cargo Volume 4,551 cu ft
Crew For Refueling Options Two Pilots, One ACS Operator, Two Loadmasters
Max Range 4,275 n.mi (with external tanks)