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Architecting a Solution for Naval C4ISR

Open, Secure Systems Enable Interoperability

Today, strategic priorities are changing and asymmetric threats are becoming the new normal. To address today’s challenges, systems must be designed to be interoperable and secure - yet be cost effective enough to maximize their value and ensure their cohesion.

Lockheed Martin responds to this need by embracing a software-centric approach to next generation systems. Expertise in ever evolving technologies — such as cloud computing, big data analytics, cross-domain security solutions, and data fusion software — allow us to support tighter integration of battlefield assets. The result: systems that allow information to be discoverable and available to as many users as possible. The goal we achieve: to collect information once and use it often.

Intelligence transfer from platform to platform is seamless and secure. We develop systems that distribute intelligence from manned and unmanned ISR sources on the ground, in the air and at sea. In addition to supporting data sharing and interoperability, these capabilities provide leap-ahead flexibility, modularity, and standardization for integrating new data sources, data transformation services, and user interfaces.

Cyber security is built into everything we do. With a long history in the deployment of security solutions for cross-domain sharing of classified information, we’ve developed systems that allow data to be transferred all the way from Protection Level 1 to Protection Level 5, in both directions.

Lockheed Martin is committed to the Navy’s intelligence sharing mission. We achieve this through Modular open architectures built around common design standards. Such open architectures allow new capabilities with sufficient fidelity in interoperability and procurement standards to plug into a joint intelligence center or other assets without having to add a new “box” to the network. Through such a unified architectural approach, Lockheed Martin provides the foundation for a more effective, cohesive and responsive Naval force.