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Information Fusion Tools

Information Fusion Tools

Information is the whole point. As DOD moves towards open, standards-based services, there is a requirement to effectively manage the huge volumes of data these services provide. Lockheed Martin CDL Systems is proud to introduce the Service-oriented Information Fusion Software. This highly advanced software places powerful and intuitive fusion capabilities in the hands of mission commanders, payload operators, imagery analysts, and in tactical operation centers. This enables operators to do more with less.

Fuse Information
Connect seamlessly to any C4I system. Exploit information from virtually any data source, including intelligence databases, blue-force tracker, geospatial intelligence, and imagery databases.

Exploit Information
Leverage advanced algorithms to organize enormous volumes of information and present them in an intuitive manner. Explore and interact with information as it is fused with full motion video, a 3D world-view, and other visualization technologies.

Action Information
Archive and retrieve information easily using innovative meta-tagging, categorization, and search technology. Rapidly share actionable intelligence through integrated communication systems such as IRC and JChat.

We specialize in the development and licensing of vehicle control station software for unmanned systems.