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Universal Target Control Station (UTCS)


The Universal Target Control Station (UTCS) is developed collaboratively by Meggitt Training Systems Canada and CDL Systems to control multiple air and sea-surface target-drones for military target training against asymmetric aerial and naval threats. We provide the VCS software installed in the UTCS to operate the Barracuda and Hammerhead sea-surface targets in addition to the Vindicator and EADS Dornier air targets. The UTCS offers an interoperable architecture that uses common hardware and software interfaces and analogous communications protocols.

The UTCS has gained industry recognition for its ability to simultaneously control up to four targets from a single operator workstation. The UTCS is deployed in military target operations worldwide, notably in Canada, Greece, Japan, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, and the United States.

Universal Target Control Station GCS Universal Target Control Station GCS Version 5.0

Unmanned Target Projects


  • Designed for simulating a multi-vehicle swarm threat, the Hammerhead is an advanced unmanned surface vehicle (USV) that is controlled by our STANAG Universal Target Control Station (UTCS) 5.0 using a single data frequency which can communicate & control up to 16 vehicles simultaneously.


  • Command and controlled by our STANAG based UTCS 5.0, the Barracuda Sea-Surface Target System provides maneuverability to replicate and simulate high-speed naval threats and can tow external targets used for counter-measure operations.


  • The Vindicator aerial target drone is designed to train naval gunners in ant-aircraft threat exercises. The Vindicator is controlled by our UTCS software that can operate multiple vehicles simultaneously from one common user interface. This system allows for the simulation and training of asymmetrical attacks on naval and aerial assets.

DO-DT 25/35/55

  • These high-speed aerial jet targets are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 400 knots and are used to train for single- and multi-ship threats, target designation and sorting procedures. Controlled by out UTCS software, these target drones are deployed in tactical air-to-air, air-to-sea, anti-radiation and cruise missile exercises.

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Swarm Ex Demonstation

In May 2010 Meggitt Training Systems Canada conducted the first ever unmanned surface vehicle swarm demonstration off the Canadian west coast. Named "Swarm Ex", the exercise involved the simultaneous control of 16 Hammerhead unmanned sea-surface target boats from our STANAG 4586 based UTCS software. The purpose of the SWARM Ex was to demonstrate a swarm attack on a naval vessel and to train against such attack.

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