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Clinical Decision Support Platforms


With 100 years of innovation and engineering experience, Lockheed Martin offers distinct capabilities in blending systems integration and new technologies to help health care customers make better clinical support decisions.

Clinical Decision Tools: We offer industry-leading, tailored workflow technology to automate and expedite exam administration – which translates to more effective, timely exams and an improved examinee experience. By leveraging software innovations, our applications provide agencies, providers and examinees with real-time access to case information, tracking and reporting. Custom applications manage and coordinate the national provider network, ensuring quality and timely services in a secure and scalable environment ready to exceed business requirements.

Clinical decision support tools and platforms include:

  • Case Management
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Customer and Provider Relationship Management Systems
  • Clinic Management Systems
  • Medical Form Translation and Restructuring (Medical Evaluation Protocol)
  • Extensible Portal Frameworks including Customer, Partner and Examinee Solutions
  • Integrated Service-Oriented Diagnostic Integration

Health Platform: We’ve developed a robust health platform to help organizations and physicians better manage, identify and deliver care to patients. Our role-based portal provides a variety of authentication, analytic, and data services; operates in a secure environment; and integrates with electronic medical records.

NwHIN: Our solutions enable migration to Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) protocols, with an Advanced Interoperability Framework that focuses on seamlessly migrating data from legacy systems to the new protocols. To support Transition of Care (ToC) and Continuum of Care (CoC), providers can use our system to send and receive health documents to any organization on the NwHIN – enabling more accurate and efficient care.