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Energy Savings Performance Contracts

Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) are used to help the federal government meet its energy efficiency, water conservation and renewable energy goals. ESPCs are contracts under which a contractor designs, constructs, monitors and obtains the necessary financing for an energy savings project.

The federal agency then makes payments over time to the contractor from the savings in the agency's utility bills. The contractor guarantees the energy improvements will generate savings. After the contract ends, all continuing cost savings accrue to the agency.

Under the Federal Energy Management ESPC program, Lockheed Martin is authorized to help the federal government reduce its energy costs and environmental impact through increased energy efficiency, additional use of renewable energy and improved utility management decisions at federal sites.

Helping the federal government quickly and cost effectively save energy supports our country's energy independence, national security, environmental health and employment picture.



Data Center Consolidation and IT Modernization via ESPC

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