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We believe sustainability is good business – and Lockheed Martin’s technology and systems integration approach helps energy managers operate more efficiently and effectively.

Lockheed Martin is applying its command and control technology to electric distribution management, demand response management, enterprise energy management and microgrid products and services to some of the largest utilities in the nation.

The excitement surrounding the Smart Grid is exceeded only by the challenge of transforming today’s aging utility infrastructure and disparate systems into tomorrow’s highly secure, tightly integrated, flexible and future-proof networks.

Transforming the Smart Grid

The Smart Grid will fundamentally transform the way energy is managed, transmitted and consumed. However, this transformation will require the seamless integration of a utility’s power, IT, OT and communications networks.

Our tools let distribution operators and energy managers view, measure and control energy supply, demand and usage – with built-in analytics that integrate with existing systems, help capture cost savings, and enable proactive interventions to best deliver and use energy resources on an enterprise-wide scale.

With our tools like SEEsuite, VirtuGrid, and others, we can help our customers control and optimize voltage regulation and map the grid to provide a smarter, more efficient energy grid.

Using Lockheed Martin’s Smart Energy Enterprise Suite (SEEsuite®), utilities can manage and reduce electric load during times of peak usage and maintain grid stability as a means of deferring costly infrastructure upgrades to sub transmission and distribution substations as well as generation.

Lockheed Martin understands the challenges facing utilities moving through the Smart Grid evolution. We have extensive experience helping complex enterprises transition into nimble, ‘net-centric’ organizations with best-in-class operational capabilities while maintaining the highest levels of system reliability and customer service.



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