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To solve global energy challenges, we’re meeting finite resources with infinite resourcefulness. Lockheed Martin is taking a comprehensive approach to apply our technology and expertise to numerous segments of the energy market – from energy generation and management to storage and security.

Lockheed Martin provides energy management and efficiency expertise to more than 100 major commercial, federal and state customers. We assist our customers with everything from smart grid product and services for utilities to energy management systems for individual buildings, and beyond to effectively manage resources and save money. We have the tools, the systems and the solutions to transform the way energy is managed around the world. Here is how:

Efficiency Programs: We implement award-winning commercial, industrial, and residential energy efficiency programs.

Demand Response: We help utilities control demand-side load as a resource, improve reliability, and create new economic opportunities.

Distribution & Microgrids: We deliver resiliency solutions, through advanced distribution management, renewables, and microgrid design.

Operations & Information Technology: We leverage our IT expertise to modernize systems infrastructure, enhance asset management, and empower data analytics and cyber security.

Performance Contracting: We engineer, build, and finance onsite energy-saving improvements for facilities and enterprises.

Lockheed Martin’s nearly 60,000 plus scientists and engineers worldwide are committed to reaching the nation’s most complex energy goals. Like 25% renewable energy by 2025. And 80% greenhouse gas reduction by 2050.

Through our commitment to results, suddenly the world of energy looks like a world of possibilities.