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SEEsuite - Smart Grid Command & Control


Lockheed Martin has leveraged its expertise in command and control, systems-of-systems integration and situational awareness to help utilities better manage their energy assets and operations. Our Smart Energy Enterprise Suite (SEEsuite™) provides the legacy systems integration and rich new functionality necessary for utilities to successfully transition to flexible and responsive Smart Grid-enabled organizations.

Using our extensive experience in providing highly integrated, real-time command and control systems for the battlefield, we have developed SEEsuite to help utilities battle Smart Grid complexity. SEEsuite help utilities comply with changing regulatory requirements, shed load during times of grid stress, and maintain grid stability as new sources of energy generation, storage, and consumption come on line - often in unpredictable ways.

SEEsuite includes the following applications:

  • SEEload™ - Demand Response Management
  • SEEview™- Enterprise Energy Management


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