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SEEview - Enterprise Energy Management


Military, government and commercial facility managers and senior leaders face an increasingly daunting task of managing electric, gas and water costs, complying with federal and service mandates, implementing energy efficiency programs and deploying new technologies such as smart meters, renewable energy sources and electric vehicles. Compounding this challenge is the inherent difficulty of integrating information in a timely fashion from multiple systems, buildings and bases across multiple geographies.

Accurate, Timely, Actionable Information

Many facilities have installed Energy Management Systems to provide energy usage data and load management control at various levels, and many organizations are deploying Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) including solar power, wind turbines, biomass generators, electric vehicles and energy storage technologies. Monitoring these diverse systems, managing significant new volumes of data and verifying data integrity – especially for billing and compliance information, is an increasingly difficult task. Combining data from disparate systems and remote facilities into accurate, timely and actionable information for senior leadership is an even greater challenge.

Compliance with a myriad of federal policies, executive orders, corporate targets and service mandates energy intensity, resource consumption and carbon footprint is virtually impossible to track at an enterprise level as information, when available, can come in different formats and fidelity from each installation. What facility managers and senior leaders need is an integrated resource management platform that can integrate multiple systems, bridge multiple geographies and automate the monitoring, reporting and control of critical resources and loads.





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