Making a Difference in Managed Services


Cost-Effective Mission Delivery

Lockheed Martin’s technology innovation on secure cloud and mobile computing solutions helps Federal customers attain a more effective and cost-efficient mission delivery. Through our managed services, customers like the Department of Justice (DOJ) can stay connected to critical data through any application and device—anywhere at any time. Lockheed Martin also establishes proactive partnering relationships with every customer, dedicated to helping them reduce operating costs. “We never forget who we’re working for.”

In addition, our agility, flexibility and expertise allow us to quickly respond to customer mobility needs in response to national emergencies and natural disasters. This capability ensures our customers are able to stay connected to important data and to each other during extreme conditions so that they can continue providing critical citizen services to the nation.

Lockheed Martin has been supporting the technology needs of the DOJ and many other Federal agencies for decades. We provide solutions that support our customers’ mission and deliver best value and return on investment.