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F-35C Carrier Variant


More than 50 years of carrier based fighter evolution culminates in the F-35C. Never before has very low observable stealth been available at sea.  With a broad wingspan, ruggedized structures and durable coatings, the F-35C carrier variant (CV) is designed to stand up to harsh shipboard conditions while delivering a lethal combination of 5th Generation fighter capabilities.

The CV sets a new standard in weapon systems integration, maintainability, combat radius and payload that brings true multimission capability to naval forces around the world. 

It is truly a first-day-of-the-war fighter with the ability to dominate adversaries in the air or on the surface, while surviving the most formidable threat environments.

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F-35C Specifications

  Length 51.5 ft /
15.7 m
  Height 14.7 ft /
4.48 m
  Wingspan 43 ft /
13.1 m
  Wing area 668 sq ft /
62.1 sq m
  Horizontal tail span

26.3 ft /
8.02 m

  Weight empty 34,800 lb
  Internal fuel capacity 19,200 lb
  Weapons payload 18,000 lb /
8,160 kg
  Standard internal weapons load

Two AIM-120C air-to-air missiles

Two 2,000-pound GBU-31 JDAM guided bombs

  Maximum weight 70,000 lb class
(uninstalled thrust ratings)

40,000 lb Max.
25,000 lb Mil.

  Speed (full internal weapons load) Mach 1.6 (~1,200 mph)
  Combat radius
(internal fuel)
>600 nm /
1,100 km
(internal fuel)
>1,200 nm / 
2,200 km
  Max g-rating 7.5

*Maximum Power (Max) = with afterburner; Military Power (Mil) = without afterburner