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F-35 support paperless technical support

Affordability. Capability. Reliability.

Historical experience with fighter aircraft indicates that over time, operations and increasing sustainment costs become too expensive. The F-35 was designed to reverse this trend with affordability being one of the four design pillars.

Upfront design emphasis has been placed on supportable advanced stealth systems, reliability and maintainability, onboard systems diagnostics and health monitoring, reduced support equipment, intelligent support systems, paperless technical support and worldwide supply chain management. The F-35 will provide never-before-seen mission capability rates with a fraction of the support required by legacy fighters, reduced numbers of support aircraft and reduced maintenance total life-cycle costs.

Combining a performance-based construction with best-value support practices, the F-35 will continue to improve its reliability as the air system matures. As reliability and performance increase, operations and support costs decrease, providing the customer with an effective and affordable combat capability.


5th Generation capability at cost comparable to legacy aircraft

Multirole operational flexibility

Missions require fewer aircraft types

Designed-in supportablity

Performance-based arrangements increases air system availability

Higher operational availability at lower life-cycle cost

Worldwide supplier network

Global information infrastructure

Single-point accountability through partnership and performance agreements