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Supply Chain

F-35 Support Center

Speed and Operating Efficiency

The information infrastructure and supply chain have been completely integrated for the operational environment. Aircraft are supported around the world through efficient distribution and warehousing provided by partner suppliers.

Support centers, organized at the depot, regional and international levels, ensure a global supply chain management system that provides quick access to F-35 parts, systems and expertise. This supplier network ensures the F-35 receives efficient support anywhere in the world.

Requirements for each air system are more fully known and more affordably managed with performance-based agreements that incentivize suppliers for reliability and performance. Long-term partnering arrangements are in place under which the contractor receives incentives to meet performance requirements. The result: greater reliability – since the operator defines the readiness rates specifically required.

The speed and operating efficiency are unprecedented – and so is the readiness rate achieved through a robust supply chain linked to every F-35.


Single Global Supply Chain
Government-owned, contractor-managed

Spares pooling – consolidated asset management

Production and sustainment – integration where feasible

Centralized inventory – enterprise-managed system

Optimized Packaging and Delivery
Global Spares Package

Base Spares Package

Deployment Spares Package

Global distribution – all levels

Transportation – forward and reverse logistics

Team JSF Managed
Performance-based logistics at the air system level

Inventory – wholesale and retail

Responsibility flow-down – key suppliers incentivized