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United Kingdom

UK F-35B

United Kingdom's 5th Generation Fighter

The F-35 Lightning II isn't just a cutting-edge aircraft. It also demonstrates the power of collaboration. Today, a host of United Kingdom companies are playing their part in developing and building this next-generation aircraft and enhancing the UK's ability to compete in the global technology marketplace. The Royal Air Force and Royal Navy program of record is 138 F-35 Lightning II aircraft in total, which will provide them with advanced technology, the capability and interoperability across military forces.

Industrial Participation

The F-35 industrial participation programme is based on building global, best-value partnerships among industries in partner nations. BAE SYSTEMS, a U.K.-based company, is also a part of the F-35 team and is responsible for the aft, fuel system, crew escape, life support and Prognostics and Health Management System, as well as the U.K. future carrier integration. The F-35 programme continues to create thousands of jobs throughout the country and contribute to the overall economic development of the U.K.

Additional companies in the U.K. that contribute to the F-35 program include GE Aviation, Martin-Baker, Cobham, Ultra Electronics, Survitec, Goodrich, Rolls-Royce and SELEX Galileo.

  Length 51.2 ft/
15.6 m
  Height 14.3 ft/
4.36 m
(full internal
weapons load)
Mach 1.6
(~1,200 mph)
  Wingspan 35 ft/
10.7 m
  Wing area 460 ft2/
42.7 m2
tail span
21.8 ft/
6.65 m
  Combat radius
(internal fuel)
>450 n. mi/
833 km
(internal fuel)
>900 n. mi/
1,667 km
  Internal fuel
13,500 lb/
6,125 kg
  Weight empty 32,300 lb
  Maximum weight 60,000 lb
  Max g-rating 7.0
  Weapons payload 15,000 lb/
6,800 kg
  Standard internal
weapons load
  • Two
  • Two 1,000-pound
    GBU-32 JDAM
    guided bombs