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Certified Parts: C-130 B-H and F-16 Pre-Block 60

Certified Parts are Lockheed Martin designed spares for the C-130 B-H and F-16 pre-block 60 aircraft that are produced by Certified Parts Licensees. Each Certified Part is inspected by a Lockheed Martin authorized source inspector before it enters the marketplace. Each Certified Part is manufactured using:

  • Correct Drawings
  • Approved Materials
  • Required Special Processes
  • Approved Special Process Facilities



Approved Repairs: C-130 B-H

Approved Repairs are C-130 B-H component repairs performed by Approved Repair Centers. Our Approved Repair Centers have the quality system and procedures in place to assure that only the best work is performed in their facilities. Repairs and/or overhauls done by these companies are performed using:

  • Correct Repair Data
  • Approved Parts
  • Required Tooling
  • Calibrated Test Equipment
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