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Global Positioning System (GPS) Ground Control Segment Sustainment


Supporting DoD’s Largest Satellite Constellation

The Global Positioning System (GPS) mission is vital to sustaining the nation’s space superiority, and making certain that precise position, navigation, and timing signals are available for worldwide users across numerous domains. 

An essential element of the global information infrastructure, GPS technology is found in everything from cell phones and wristwatches to shipping containers, and ATM's. The system boosts productivity across a wide swath of the economy, to include farming, construction, mining, surveying, supply chain management and more. Major communications networks, banking systems, financial markets, and power grids depend on GPS and the technology is embedded in virtually every U.S. military asset making armed forces safer and more effective.

Lockheed Martin sustains the ground control segment for GPS. The control segment consists of the ground hardware and software that provides command & control for a worldwide network of satellite operations centers, ground antennas and monitor stations that are used to command and control DoD's largest satellite constellation. It enables Air Force Space Command to perform on-orbit operational control of the GPS satellite constellation.

The GPS ground control segment will ensure the GPS Operational Control Segment (OCS) is viable until the next generation control segment (OCX) effort is developed and fielded.



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