Littoral Combat Ship: Ready for Anything


The U.S. Navy’s current Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) are designed to defeat growing littoral threats and provide access and dominance in the coastal water battlespace. A fast, maneuverable surface combatant, the LCS provides warfighting capabilities and operational flexibility for focused missions including mine-clearing, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare.


Learn how the littoral combat ship is designed to defeat
growing threats in the coastal water battlespace



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Like all warships, the LCS is being built to fight. The Freedom-class LCS meets and exceeds the survivability requirements for the three ship classes it will replace. The team's LCS design has already proven its value - evident by the successful Southeast Asia deployment and continued trials with other Freedom-class ships.

The LCS will establish and maintain dominance in the near-shore environments (littorals), a critical part of the surface force's ability to provide credible capability for deterrence, sea control, and power projection around the world.

We are currently in peak production, which means we are driving down the cost per ship for the U.S. Navy. The average ship cost across the 10-ship buy is at $360 million per ship, which is about half what the lead ship cost.


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