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ISGS-LM Wisdom-460

LM WISDOM® ITI (Insider Threat Identification) is the industry leader in detecting and mitigating insider threats. 

LM WISDOM® ITI is a leads generator tool based on employee attributes, behaviors and actions that may be indicators of potential insider threat.   This capability significantly improves the productivity of your security and counterintelligence organizations, allowing analysts to focus on the highest priority threats and take proactive mitigation steps.  Built on best practices from counterintelligence professionals with decades of commercial and government experience, LM WISDOM® ITI takes a holistic approach — seamlessly fusing data sources across the enterprise and modeling behavioral indicators on the individual.


• Automatic ingestion, statistical analysis and evaluation of diverse data sets (technical cyber-related sources as well as behavioral), that reduces Big Data into actionable intelligence

• Intuitive approach to defining model attributes and weights that can be tuned to unique needs of an organization 

• Flexible, user-friendly interface with multidimensional views of data, in a variety of graphical and statistical outputs that can be easily assessed in minutes

• Ability to drill-down for further investigation and discovery of new information through automated link analysis

With extensive counterintelligence and insider threat experience and expertise, Lockheed Martin offers both software and consulting to develop and implement a robust, comprehensive counterintelligence program customized to your needs.  In an environment of increasing insider threats, Lockheed Martin is your trusted partner in predictive analytics and proactive security monitoring.

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