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Addressing the Needs of the Future Battlespace
Ongoing changes throughout the world underscore the need for common situational awareness for decision advantage. As stated in the Air Force Future Operating Concept, the Air Force of 2035 will need operational agility to respond to any situation or enemy action. It is imminent that future joint battle management systems link platforms operating in all environments - in the air, space, electromagnetic and cyber domains.

Connecting to Space
When charting new courses, it is only natural to turn to pioneers. And Lockheed Martin is a pioneer in advancing space situational awareness and battle management through integrated command and control. From developing some of the first astrodynamics algorithms to predict the velocity of space objects re-entering the earth's atmosphere to modernizing the space command and control infrastructure used for North American air defense, Lockheed Martin has been ingrained in space battle management command and control systems.

This has included supporting the processing of observations on objects in orbit, maintaining catalogs of space objects, predicting potential collisions between space objects, detecting threats, and preparing courses of action for critical space systems. Since the early 1960s, Lockheed Martin has supported every space C2 operational center – from the Cheyenne Mountain, to the JSpOC, from JICSpOC to the command and control infrastructure for Space Fence, helping revolutionize Space Situational Awareness and battle management in all orbital regimes.  

Optimizing Awareness Across Domains
With a focus on the demands of tomorrow, Lockheed Martin develops enterprise level ‘systems of systems” that traverse across domains to provide users with a common operational picture of the battlespace. From developing TBMCS, the joint battle management system that helps joint commanders plan the air campaign to enabling the Ballistic Missile Defense System to operate as a global network through C2BMC, Lockheed Martin delivers systems that enable full spectrum operations across all domains

A Visionary Focus on the Future
Timely and effective mission planning is essential to shape the battle of the future. This means designing systems predicated on open architectures and using agile development processes that embrace change. Lockheed Martin’s extensive knowledge of open architectures allow the development of systems that evolve beyond the constraints of proprietary closed systems. With its advancement of cross domain solutions, Lockheed Martin furthers its ability to offer systems that allow secure information sharing to support Joint, Allied and Coalition operations.


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