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Nuclear Systems and Solutions

Nuclear Systems and Solutions

Lockheed Martin is the world’s premier systems integrator and leading provider of safety-critical nuclear instrumentation & control systems for commercial and Department of Defense Customers.


Safety Critical Nuclear Instrumentation & Control Products

Safety-critical Software
Highly-Integrated Control Room Communications & Human Factors Engineering
First-of-a-kind Engineering services Software Quality Assurance
Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
Component Electrical Design & Qualification

Manufacturing Services
                On-site Complete Fabrication
                Electrical & Electronic Assembly Services
                Electronic Circuit Board Design
                Customer Acceptance/ Source Inspections

Certified Performance
                Quality Performance & Conformance Inspection
                Independent Quality Conformance Inspection Staff
                Automatic Inspection Tools & Processes
                Documented Conformance & Performance
                Full Environment Qualification
                Full Life Cycle Support
                Full Service Supplier

Systems Integration
Cyber Security
Simulation & Training Services
3-D Avatar-based outage simulation, construction and Retrofit Planning
Intelligent Microgrid Solutions


For over 30 years, Lockheed Martin has incorporated unique functionality with digital software solutions resulting in foremost predictability and reliability – offering finer control and increased longevity.  

Lockheed Martin systems are currently operating aboard all U.S. Navy submarines and aircraft carriers deployed worldwide. This expertise and industry-specific safety culture are being applied in the commercial nuclear generating industry.

Lockheed Martin has the experience, expertise and impeccable safety record under an NQA-1 Quality Management System and Safety Class 1E and Non-safety Equipment.

Lockheed Martin has a dedicated and highly specialized team of I&C engineers having thousands of man-years of experience and the discipline of 70,000 engineers and technical contributors with extensive experience in mission-critical system designs and support worldwide.